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What is a Personal Baker?
Think of us as your stand-in baker when you want to add treats to your supper or dinner party without the hassle.
How does personal baking work?
Personal baking is done in your home. You call us and we'll schedule a time to come and do a 30 minute consultation free of charge where we plan your baking time and confirm that you will have the ingredients needed. If you purchase the ingredients, then everything stays with you. JNY will purchase supplies for you at an added expense, we will take what we don't use after we're finished. The cost is $75 to bake 4 dozen honey whole wheat dinner rolls or loaves of bread in your home.   
Do you deliver?
We will deliver up to 20 miles from the 43227 zip code in Columbus, Ohio. Only orders over $20.00 qualify for delivery; a delivery fee of $9.99 is applied.
What is the difference between shipping and delivery?
We will hand deliver items within 20 miles of the 43227 zip code of Columbus, Ohio. We can deliver certain items at the expense of the buyer - which includes cost of overnight shipping, boxes, and fees.
What is the cost of shipping?
Shipping is made at the expense of the buyer - online payment only, cost will be calculated at checkout.
Are there refunds available?
Satisfaction is guaranteed, we will work with you to fix any issue. However refunds are available if we are not able to come to a resolution. Refunds will be made via method of payment within three to five business days.
Do you wholesale?
We're happy to sell you our items to sell in your store - contact us directly for details on wholesale of rolls, cookies, and other items. brandi@jnybakery.com 614-290-3415

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